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British Triathlon Championship 2010

Well, a fantastic few days. Great night at the rugby on Friday with Bedford Blues acquitting themselves well against Northampton Saints – good crowd of over 3500 in the midst of awful weather – felt more like winter than summer! Score Blues 19 Saints 26.

Saturday was an incredibly busy and tiring day. Down at Russell Park soon after 10am and helped with setting up barriers for transition and staking out fencing for arena area. Good afternoon doing registration, sorting folk out and encouraging them along. Didn’t get home till nearly 7pm, having stopped off to purchase some Chinese on the way home. Yum, yum! Eden, a friend’s 11month old was round with Helen and was staying the night – seemed happy enough with Helen.

After tea I had a bath and was in bed soon after 8pm – asleep soon after 8.30pm (until 10.30! Woke up for loo and couldn’t get back to sleep – hungry and buzzing for the event – bowl of cereals and soon back to sleep – woke a couple of times more, but then slept through my 4am bleep and woken by Julie’s alarm at 4.30am. Up quickly, large bowl of nutty muesli (the best!) with a banana and some orange juice. Put gear on and ready to go by 10 past 5. Cycled down to Russell Park, got permission to rack my bike early from a British Triathlon marshal and then off to do registration – good warm up moving to and fro collecting number envelopes/good bags etc.

Several visits to the loo and last one in a long queue before putting trisuit on fully, then wetsuit. Back into transition before the race briefing as realised I’d put my things the wrong way round. After race briefing wandered over to watch first waves going off and chatted with Jerry, wishing each other well. All set. 1/4 to 8 wandered over to swim entrance, stop watch set, ready to go – goggles looking dodgy again – boo – but seemed fine in swim! River looking horrible inspite of Stevey’s big payment for weed cutting – in fact once in the water there seemed to be weed everywhere – horrible – horn went and we were off – soon left standing (relatively speaking!) as majority of the wave headed up stream considerably faster than me – but after a bit, nice to catch a few folk and go past them.

Swam along the side, trying to keep a constant distance from the side. When I got to the lock though I went off course – nearly swam into a brick wall at the edge where it curved back in – so glad I looked up to orientate at that moment! Headed back out into the centre, only to get swum over by the lead folk from the next wave as I was coming to the turn buoy – back down the other side and same happened half way down with the next wave – kept struggling with weed getting wrapped around my head – worst was when some got caught in my mouth – yuk!!

Thought I was probably doing the pits for my swim – arrived at the removal point and glad of some help as I staggered out – glanced at watch – happy to see 32 ish (rather than the 40+ I thought it might well be!) Timed at 33:04 as I crossed into transition in Russell Park.

Reasonably quick transition – good to not have to worry about numbers having pinned them to my trisuit and had them on under the wetsuit rather than putting on a number belt.

Off on the bike – felt more comfortable than last time at the Dambuster – even if I struggled getting my feet into the cleats – guess the couple of swim/bike efforts I’d done had helped me get in the zone.

Off at high 30’s kph, successfully round the roundabout and on to Longholme Way – take on fluid and then dropped my bottle whilst putting it back in the bottle cage – rolled across the road between cars to other side of road – stop or not?? – conscious of other bikes and cars – decided to go without – not push too hard and rely on isogels (had 2 taped to bike – brilliant idea – worked really well) and then rehydrate on run water stations.

Soon picking up a number of others in my age category, along with a good number of ladies and, pleasingly, a few others in the younger category (who I guess must have swum past me or over me earlier!) Kept up high 30’s kph until approach to Hillfoot (av. speed to this point high 34’s) when dropped to 30ish. Hillfoot felt really hard – dropped as low as 15…. picked up to low 20’s towards top – then soon spinning into 40’s going down the other side.

Struggle coming to junction at turn to Old Warden – delighted to find police waving me through though! Groups of bikes ahead; consistent whizz of disc wheels passing me now. Going up slope towards Bunny Lane and junction with A600 got annoyed by several folk who overtook me, pulled in front and then slowed! Went past them again. Nervous coming up to the junction – tried shouting thanks to Jonathan for waving me out, but took line wrong and had to make a much tighter turn than anticipated… got me out of rhythm – fight to get back on for run down hill – high 40’s down to turn to Shefford – kept high 30’s through into mini roundabouts – busy with bikes with overtaking and being overtaken!

Turn up out of Shefford and ride up to Upper Caldecote hard – strong head wind – tucked in low and dropped gearing a bit – disc wheels still flying past at speed, but pleased to go past a few others on road up – low 30’s most of the way, occasionally touching 35.

Getting thirsty now – go with the remaining gel or not? Held off as long as I could. Struggled at turn to Ickwell – slowed right down – high 20’s. Several people went past me, including one incredibly tall guy! Flat down on his bars I think he was taller than me sitting upright! He slowed to hydrate and feed. Went back past him, back to the low 40’s into Ickwell – several more folk went past as we came into Ickwell, including the tall guy.

A group sort of formed ahead of me as we were going to Northill. Struggled again from Northill turn – once up the initial slope and through the bendy bit gave into my desire for another gel. Lovely to have fluid going into the mouth!

Cars and bikes ahead in a long line up Moxhill. Just span it easy – high 20’s , then low 20’s dropping to 19 towards bend. Picked up again to low 20’s and then began to put a bit of effort in down the hill. Mental battle approaching Cople – do I push hard or not? Decided not. Through Cople speed dropped to low 30s. Turn on to main road brought better road surface and a helpful breeze as against an antagonistic one! Up to high 30’s again – taking a few people – large guy (as against tall guy!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) took me, plonked in front and slowed so went straight back past him. He kept chasing me all the way back o Longholme Way.

Dropped a gear on Longholme way to spin the legs a bit before the run. Down to low 30’s coming into Embankment. Large guy came past me again and we came to dismount together. Really hard trying to persuade the legs to run bike into transition – did it though. Very thirsty now. Where is fluid? Who can give me a drink?

Got bike racked okay – though had to shove another bike out of my space! Struggled with my shoes. Got both shoes on with the back folded down inside and struggled to pull them back out. Slowed me down. Head feeling a bit strange now…. where’s first water station?

01:53 something as I went out on run – sub 50 needed to match Dambuster time. Told myself, don’t worry about length of stride – just concentrate on fast cadence. Off okay. Good to have Julie and Andy cheer me on as I set off on the run. Sheer relief as I saw water station ahead as I came past boating lake. Absolute delight as I gulped water down and had it splash over me and cool me down a bit.

Some folk were coming past me very fast and going really hard. Temptation to push hard and try and respond. Told myself to stay in the zone, you don’t want to blow – you’re only on the first of 3 circuits. Lots of spectators around and some encouraging words from a guy on bench on Embankment (shouting encouragement to everyone – excellent stuff – inspired me on).

Coming back towards Russell Park few more encouraging words. Didn’t see the people – focused on running – sounded like Amy and maybe Max (but might have been Margy and Dave!)

Coming round past transition more water – yippee!! Brilliant cheer from the distinctive voice of Ange. 02:08 – good – faster than I thought – was aiming to be inside 2:10 – next lap, aim to be inside 2:25 – more encouragement from Julie and Andy – in good pattern now – running comfortably.

Coming up to town bridge…. is that Sarah I see ahead? Chased her down and gave some encouragement as I went past down the Embankment. Coming into Russell Park she was encouraged to chase me down as she picked up the pace for her finish. She gave me some encouragement as she went past me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Came past transition at 02:22 – pleasing – no water this time – nicked by a group in front of me. More encouragement from folk but going down Embankment and up past boating lake running pattern started to falter, tiring now, feeling a lack of energy – effects of the gel taken early now worn off… wish I’d been able to take on the energy from my lost drinks bottle….

Last bit of water by the boating lake. Get brain in gear. This is the last lap, all you’ve got to do is keep plodding – keep your pattern going.

Back on track by the time I got to the bandstand. Really hard coming up to and across town bridge though. Marg and Dave shouted encouragement as I came round on to Embankment – as did Andy further down (walking back for church). Encouragement spurred me on. Picked up the pace coming into Russell Park and pleased to be able to go full throttle down the funnel to the finish.

Just over 02:38 – pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚

Smashed as I came into concluding area – job to stay standing. Got water in and then out, wandering around – visit loo – eat banana. Need to change my shoes. Sore instep again (need new shoes – its not the socks – not wearing any – didn’t used to happen!) Spent ages standing by my things trying to decide what to do! Eventually put t-shirt on. Felt much better for removing top of trisuit and putting t-shirt on. Had to sit on the floor to change shoes. Hard getting down and up!

Found Julie when came out. Went and got some food, chatted with various folk and Marg and Dave. Energy starting to return. Legs hurt – especially inner quads.

Collected bike from transition and collapsed on the floor to eat and drink more and wait for presentations. Julie took things home in car and I cycled back home gently!!

Restorative bath, then pm spent grazing on whatever I found to eat whilst watching European Aquatics Championship, chatting with Dad & Mum and browsing web.

Hadn’t worked out my run time. Really excited when I found I’d got a new 10k PB! Yes! Definitely the highlight for me!

Evening, really pleasant time chatting, eating and drinking at Santaniello’s

Monday was a good day too. Legs a little easier. Spent the day giving inside bird cages a spring clean and giving the outside aviaries their statutory weekly clean up. Pleasant evening watching rugby on ESPN before read in bed and asleep soon after 10pm.

Thought I’d go for a swim at Box End today. Just took it easy, but came home feeling quite shattered. Looking forward to rugby later and watching the Blues take on Saracens. Come on you BLuuueeeessss!!!


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