Posted by: lepages | October 11, 2010

Update! (Edited, with extras at end!)

My word, a month since I’ve put anything on here – got a couple of preaches to go up, Bedford Blues have started their season and are off to a cracking start – tightest defence in the Championship thus far (but then that was the case this time last year and it fell apart later in the Autumn! Hope it doesn’t this year!) Real test coming up next Saturday when Worcester Warriors come to town – should be an awesome match! And then there’s my appalling training programme……

I love exercise, but it needs focus. If there’s an event coming up it gives something to work towards and that motivates the training. But since the Bedford Classic in August there’s been nothing to look forwards to…. everything, even running races I’ve been able to find…seem to be on a Sunday….boo! So the result of this is that any formal training for triathlon, or anything else specific seems to have fallen by the way….. partly it has to be said as a product of an incredibly busy period through September and into October – but by and large I’m loving it!! πŸ™‚ It’s only occasionally that I’ve started to stress – really, early part of this last week was the first time in ages, but made a determined effort to get some swim/gym sessions in and that soon eliminated the stress symptoms – that and finally having a day off on Friday – first full day off in several weeks – lovely day – started with an extended time with God, then out into the garden, giving it a bit of a tidy up, mowing the lawn and planting out some bulbs – good stuff! Cooked dinner at lunchtime then in pm another long swim/gym session – lovely! After some tea, made a small dent in the huge pile of ironing which always inhabits our household – some times wonder whether I’ve actually got some decent, long forgotten clothes lurking at the bottom of the pile somewhere!!

So, the main focus of this blog was supposed to be an update on my non-training schedule….. Without the motivation of events to prepare for, I tend to head back to the other motivation which is financial investment! Out of my bank account goes a monthly Direct Debit to Bedford Borough Council for membership of Images Gym in Kempston, which gives free swimming in the pool too. Money being spent means I don’t want to waste it, so motivates me to get up to the gym and the pool!

Hadn’t had a review of the programmes on my gym memory stick since the start of the year, as most of my training had been outdoors through the summer period, so got that done. Chris set me up some new bits with aim of improving strength and endurance. Friday September 3rd was my first checking out of the 3 updated programmes on my memory key…. and the first exercise in a week. First up was a new treadmill ‘intervals’ session – 3mins @ 12kph then 1min alternating intervals @15/12kph – fine, except that the ‘recovery’ intervals were on a 3% incline and seemed harder going than the hard fast sessions. Over the weeks since then I’ve mastered it, and in fact last Friday 8th October I opted to push the speed section a bit further and upped it to 15.5kph each time – its only 16mins, but it gave me an average speed for the session of 13kph.

Saturday 4th September I went for a swim at Box End It was a really foggy morning and you couldn’t see right across the lake. As I swam up to the top end of the lake it seemed to get even foggier and it was difficult to sight anything at all – wandered all over the place and nearly ‘landed’ on the central island at one point! Eventually I realised that the fog was not just external, but also in my goggles – quick rinse out and my sighting soon improved. Did my standard twice around in my usual 34mins – not too bad given the poor sighting and the foggy goggles!

Monday 6th September saw me experimenting with session 2 on my gym key. Cycle intervals to begin – 3mins level 7 to warm up, then 4x1min intervals @level 15 maintaining a cadence of over 100, with 3mins recovery @ level 8, easy cadence 80+. Then a 20min treadmill session with a consistent 11.5kph with variable inclines up to 6%. Good core/weights workout following and a final 5min blast on the treadmill @15kph for fun in waiting for Julie.

Tuesday 7th September got out for an enjoyable bike session with Kevan, Mark & Pete. 42.58k Av. speed 30.7kph Mx 65kph

Wednesday 8th September we had a power cut and I came home to work to find no power to do what I needed to do so went for an unexpected run, Did my favoured longer, Priory run 11k in 54:56 – ran as a steady tempo run – so pleasing as I think that’s the fastest I’ve done that run.

Monday 13th before next exercise and good session on prog. 3 at the gym.

Tuesday 14th I had a Partnership regional planning meeting in Northampton so enjoyed a bike commute to Northampton and back. Very windy, blustery, largely against going out, following on return, but significant cross winds along the way.
Out to Northampton:- Time 1:29:16 Dist. 39.71k Av. 26.7kph Mx. 49.3kph
Return from Northampton:- Time 1:19:39 Dist. 39.9k Av. 30kph Mx. 60kph

No more exercise until Saturday 18th September when out for a great bike ride with a good bunch of folk – 14 at one point. Box End – Wootton – Cranfield, then 4x round 5k circuit – easy/hard/easy/hard – then on to Woburn Sands – Woburn – Ridgmont – Lidlington – Marston – Cranfield – Box End – Bromham – home. Total dist. 78.27k Av. 29.1kph Mx. 58.3kph Time 2:40:47

Next exercise was a gym session on Thursday 23rd September followed by a swim session – drills and a timed 400m – unfortunately my timed swim sessions seem to be getting worse rather than better – where early in the year I was averaging 8:30ish for 400m, now I’m averaging 9:15ish…. what’s happened??!! I wish I knew….

Over the weekend I was off to a Partnership conference at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire – a great weekend! Great to have time to hang and chat with others as well as some stimulating sessions too. On the Saturday afternoon I went out for a run – a good session – actually, really pleasing, went at what felt like a good tempo rate – out from the Hayes, down to the steam railway station, up through the off road track past the police training station, up the very long hill – Newlands Road/Green Hill Lane/B6010, then back down Swanwick Road/Crag’s Hill and return. Time 40:04 Dist 8.33k Av. 12.47kph. Very pleasing for a tempo run given the long hills involved. Happy! πŸ™‚ Maybe less is more, in terms of training!

Didn’t feel like that within a few days!! Diary notes full of complaints about a mushy head, desperately in need of some exercise to clear it and get my focus back, but no time to do it. Next exercise didn’t come until a gym session on Thursday 30th September. This was the third of my 3 new sessions. Start off with a straight 5k run on the treadmill – speed set at 12.5kph, but couldn’t help but push it up a little on the second half to give an av. speed of 12.7kph. From there straight to the Crosstrainer with high heart rate all the way!! 5mins @ level 8, then 1min intervals stepping up from 10-20 – hard work at end!! Heart rate maxing at 173 with an average of 160.

No more exercise over the weekend, but this past week I’ve managed to squeeze in a gym or swim/gym session each day Mon- Fri. Gym sessions pleasing, felt able, by and large to push things at little bit harder than the programme on the treadmill – intervals session, added a couple of extra 15kph bursts and then a higher interval session to 15.5kph on last session. A pleasing 5k in 23:26. Swim sessions I opted for doing 50m drills alternating with 100m hard – seemed consistently between 1:55 and 2:00 for the 100m – why though, am I not able to maintain that and when I time over 400m I’m back to 9:15ish.

So reviewing training – think my gym bike intervals and core weight workouts are increasing strength which is good – running is in a pleasing place – wish I had some races to focus on – swimming….. oh dear……

6pm Monday 11th October 2010
Julie having decided not to go to gym today, having gone off shopping and it being a beautiful day I decided to get out on my bike. Opted for a ‘bumpy’ route so headed out to Bromham – Box End – Stagsden – Stevington – Carlton – Harrold – Odell – Felmersham – Carlton – Turvey – Newton Blosomville – Astwood – Cranfield – Wootton – Kempston – Home. Occasional push up the slopes, but in the main just steady pushing – loved it – scenery looking great – great views of a buzzard and a beautiful male Kestrel. Saw 3 others out. Stats: Time 2:05:32 Dist. 64.58k Av speed 30.8kph Mx 58 kph Cal. 1642. Strong gusty wind – think north westerly – made ride from Felmersham – Cranfield pretty quick – but unusually the ride back from Cranfield to Kempston was hard going and my average speed dropped over the last section. Anyway, great o be out on the bike on a beautiful day and have my legs aching now! Joy! πŸ™‚


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