Posted by: lepages | October 26, 2010

Intermittent training…

That’s the way it seems to be at present…. for a few days I get a regular pattern going…. and then other responsibilities come in and nothing happens… hey ho! So, notes from my diary from 12th October to today.

Tuesday 12th October – up to gym late afternoon. Good 5k run on the treadmill in 23:30 Av. speed 12.9kph – 12.5 for 2.5k, then 13 till 4.5k, then increasing to 15kph to finish. Straight on to crosstrainer – 5mins level 8, then 1min intervals increasing to end at level 20 – hard going at end and high heart rate! Few weights and core work before home to prepare for evening meeting.

Several busy days followed including Governor’s meeting, Pastoral matters, study and preparation for my preach on the Sunday – will post notes from that shortly – didn’t feel I delivered that well, but someone said it was the best preach they’d ever heard me bring and found it spoke exactly into their life at this time – as well as work matters there was lots of things on my other interests…

Friday 15th October was Bedford Birdkeepers Club Auction– I had my last 4 young cockatiels that I’d bred this year to sell. Pleased to sell 3 of them – just one normal grey hen left to go. Came back with more birds than I went with though – admittedly only Zebra finches – having 2 males and one female it seemed wise to get a few more so came back with 5 more.

Saturday 16th October was another busy, non-training day – but a great day. Good prayer time at church then a bit of prep for my preach with a real sense of the Holy Spirit directing and giving me words to say. Then it was off to do a community bulb l=planting session – sadly only 3 of us turned up, but it was great to plant 500 bulbs and we look forward to seeing a blaze of yellow in Western Street come Feb/March next year! Then it was off to steward at the rugby – great to chat with lots of folk, including folk from Worcester. An awesome match which could have gone either way right up until injury time. Superb defence from both teams. Superb kicking from Pritchard and Goode and a gut wrenching give away try to Wuss in injury time… to give a final score of 18:28.

Moving day Sunday with a powerful time of worship following my preach. Moving time also saying goodbye to friends moving to Canada to live…. Felt pretty drained out by the time we’d finished eating in the afternoon. Spent the afternoon and evening veging out watching Star Trek movies of Film 4 – bliss!

In spite of my lack of training did my normal periodic weigh in on the Monday morning – delighted for find my weight down to 11′ 5″ – 72.5kg – lightest I’ve been in 5 years! πŸ™‚
To celebrate in the afternoon I had a long swim/gym session! πŸ˜‰ Swim 400m FC / 400m PB / 100m KB / 400m FC /100m Body position drill / 100m rotation drill / 50m Bk stroke / 50m Br stroke / 400m FC / 50m scull. Gym session – treadmill intervals 16mins 3.46k Av. 13.1kph 1% incline. Leg weights / core work. 15mins crosstrainer 5@10/12/14 then 22mins bike intervals – level 8, gradually increasing to level 15 – found bike very hard!

Tuesday 19th was my birthday! Some great new cycling gear – under layer top, new gloves and mitts – love it! Out for a Chinese in the evening – bought by my daughter – I am getting old…. and feeling it too…. 😦 But a great day nonetheless!

Wednesday 20th did another swim/gym session. Pool a bit quieter so did a timed 400m after drills – think they’re helping as finally I dropped below the 9:15ish I’ve been for some time – 8:21 – without pushing hard – relief to feel I must be getting form back on my stroke! Into gym and interval session on bike – hard work – straight on to ‘hilly run’ on treadmill, weights etc and 100 crunches on Swiss ball – felt much harder than usual!

Thursday pm went out for a bike. Thought I’d do the reverse of my previous bike session. Surprisingly hard going out to Cranfield into the wind. Av. speed to Cranfield only 25kph – fun ride though to Felmersham with either following or side wind – harder coming back to Harrold, legs aching by the time getting to the hilly bits, but wind helped push me up Carlton hill, but was of no help on the others at Stevington/Stagsden/Box End – much slower than 10 days ago… time 2:13:42 Dist 65.18k Av speed 29.2kph Mx 54.4kph – legs ached afterwards! πŸ™‚ Had a problem at a few junctions – my right cleat had had it – as a result sometimes difficult to persuade it to click in when starting off – even worse, sometimes it would catch when trying to unclip – bit unnerving when you can’t get your foot out at a busy junction – but survived okay. Friday morning, bought some new cleats – so much better since! πŸ™‚

Friday 22nd went to gym again late pm. 5k on treadmill 23:32 – having upped and downed from 12.5k on 1.5% incline throughout. Cross trainer for 16mins step up session to level 20 – high heart rate again! Rest of session on core/weights – felt best session on that set.

Saturday 23rd was a different workout! Helped a good friend digging up bramble roots! Hard work and probably the toughest workout in a while! Just about every part of my body ached afterwards!

No exercise Sunday or Monday – but a lovely day on both occasions. Monday spent out and about with Julie most of the day – lovely!

Got up to the gym late afternoon today. Julie arrived about the same time so on treadmills next to each other to start off. Decided to lengthen my intervals session to do 5k. Delighted as did my 5k in 22:32, only 3secs off my PB for a 5k in a race Av speed 13.4kph. Means I should be able to smash my PB in a 5k race…. if only I could find one I was free to do…. I so want to race in some form……


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