Posted by: lepages | November 23, 2010

Looking forwards to next season….

… and back, to my once again, somewhat irregular and erratic training!

The highlight and target for me next year will be my first Middle Distance Triathlon when I go for the GraniteMan event back in my homeland of Guernsey!

Guess I’m going to have to do a lot of training before then, but I’m not going to get serious about training till January – up until then I’ll just enjoy whatever I can find myself doing, whenever I have the time – which I haven’t in the last few weeks!

Think I’m paying for my overwork with a bug that hit me yesterday and has got progressively worse…. and there was me thinking with a quieter week this week I might get some more training in…. don’t feel much like doing anything at all at the minute, which is unusual for me – usually just try and ignore these things and get on as though they’re not there!

That aside having felt a bit disappointed with nothing to work towards, I’m now looking forwards! Triathlon Plus magazine had a supplement ‘Total race Guide 2011’ with it this month. Enjoyed nosing through it on the train down to London last Friday – particularly enjoyed finding events that weren’t on a Sunday – yippee! So I marked them all to research online later and am now doing just that! 🙂 Result, I’ve booked for a first event for next season – a duathlon to begin to get the legs going… and not too far from home either. Looking forward to the Dunmow Duatlon near Bishops Stortford on Saturday March 5th! Bring it on!

So that’s looking forwards. Also contemplating the Ashbourne Duathlon in early April – should be a challenging race given the hilly nature of the area and my experience of running around there when I’ve been at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick.

So, looking back over the last month…. from the 26th October I had a 4 day gap till out for a group bike session on Saturday 30th! It was a beautiful day and surprisingly milder than it had been, so got a bit hot with jacket, hat and gloves – made for a good sweat! We headed out easy from Cardington to Stagsden to use the circuit there – once round to familiarise folk with the circuit, then 3x round at 80% effort – got dropped off the lead group on the first climb, would definitely have to have been giving 100% to have any hope of staying with the group; on the second circuit I was joined by Gill which was great to give some company. She stopped after second time but I went on and TT’d partly a third one. Cycled back to Bedford with Sarah and had a good chat on training, competition et al.

Monday 1st November got a swim/gym session in. Reasonably pleased with my swim. 400m FC/100m hand entry drill/200m FC/100m head up drill/200m FC/200mPB/100mKB/Timed 400m steady pace 8:28 – feels like maybe starting to get form back… but would love to improve a lot more!!

Into the gym – 5k treadmill run at 1.5% incline. 12,5kph for first 2.5k then gradually increasing speed to 15.5kph for last 300m. Time 23:15 Av. speed 12.9kph. Cross trainer – min. intervals to level 20 – really hard after pressured run at end!!

Next training was a short gym session on Thursday 4th November. Was doing intervals on treadmill – was increasing interval speed to 17kph and coping, extending session slightly in hope of doing 5k – thought I’d extended it to 23mins but had a shock when it suddenly stopped at 22mins just a short distance short of the mark…. frustrating!

In the monthly gym notes there was encouragement to see if you could hold a plank for 2mins. Always appreciating a challenge, thought I’d give it a go. Did it, but boy is it hard work, and doesn’t it make you sweat!! Found my body aching the next day – a result of the intervals session or the plank?? Not sure!

Plans for the weekend got blown out of the window. Netbook power supply gave up, so Saturday am instead of being out on the bike as I was really hoping to be, I was buying a new netbook and external hard drive, and then facing the task of saving all my documents and settings to the external hard drive, downloading and installing Ubuntu on my new netbook and then importing all my documents and settings. Glad to say I did it and was pretty pleased to have succeeded in transferring all my old emails and address book etc. 🙂

(Just as an aside, Ubuntu is a superb operating system, especially with netbooks – you can download it to a 2GB memory key or SD card and run it from there to see if you like it. If you do then you can install it on your system as a dual boot with no problem – it allows you to divide your hard drive as you install it – superb. My experience is that it always runs faster than Windows does on the same system – I was really surprised how much faster it was than Windows 7 was on my new netbook. More than all this, it’s free, and all the possible software you could want to go with it is free too! Brilliant!)

As if my Netbook dying on me wasn’t enough, on the Sunday afternoon I went out on my bike for a pastoral visit. On the way home I stopped off to buy some bread. As I locked my bike up, the key broke inside the lock… An hour and a half later, with the aid of some bolt cutters (thanks Mark! And everyone else who sought to help out!!) I was able to cut it free. So surprisingly easy. And what was even more disturbing was the way in which nobody took a blind bit of notice of me trying to break a bike lock and remove a bike! I can see why it’s easy to steal a bike, even when it’s securely locked to an immovable object!

Monday 8th November had a long gym/swim session. Bike interval session, followed by variable incline treadmill run at 11.5kph (up to 6% max. – av. 1.8%). Extended to 31mins and did just under 6k. Good core workout, then 10mins in sauna waiting for pool session to start. Good 30mins drill session.

Thursday 12th November
Gym/swim session. Good 5k on treadmill – 12.5kph for first 2.5k, then gradually increased to 15kph for last 200m. Time 23:16. Some weights. 5mins in sauna before 30mins swim drill session.

Monday 15th November
swim/gym session.
35mins drill swim session followed by 16mins intervals on treadmill – 3mins 12kph 4x1min intervals@ 17kph 0%/12kph 3% then 5mins @11.5kph 1% recovery. Good core/leg weights session then 15mins crosstrainer 5mins @ levels 10/12/14

No training for a week. 2 very busy days working from first thing till last thing at night. Then a day of prayer and fasting at church (great day!) followed by a train journey down to Tiverton on Friday for a Partnership council meeting (with preparation for my preach on Sunday – I have 3 weeks of teaching from Joel to share in due course) on Friday night and Saturday morning. Good day Sunday with engaging time of worship and pleasant afternoon with friends around for a meal.

Yesterday afternoon before going to the gym I had a few sneezing fits – thought at the time they were just reaction to house or feather dust. Decided to take easy as not trained for a week and as my right leg had been bothering me since the journey back from Exeter. Did my standard 35mins drill swim session, followed by 20mins variable incline treadmill session. Then good core workout and sauna to conclude.

By mid evening I had reached the conclusion maybe I was getting a cold… through the day today the chills, sudden rushes to the loo and the aching body confirmed it…. hopefully I’ll recover quickly!



  1. […] Ups and downs don’t just relate to weight and fitness matters though. After one of my visits to the gym which seemed hard, I was waiting in the car for Julie when Helen (my daughter) rang. She couldn’t open the front door – not nice to be stuck outside in below zero temperatures after biking home… Then got a text from her to say she’d tried again…. this time the key had broken in the lock….. Brought back memories of my key snapping in my bike lock a few weeks earlier which I mentioned in a previous blog […]

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