Posted by: lepages | November 24, 2010

A lie-in!

It’s past 8 ‘o’ clock and I’m still in bed – how weird is that!! (You have to understand that just doesn’t happen for me – if I ever make it till 7 ‘o’ clock in bed I reckon I’ve had a good lie-in!)

The story goes like this…..
When I was preaching Sunday (notes to follow in due course) I had a job following my notes and my throat and mouth seemed dry.

Monday morning I had a few sneezing fits; when I came back from the gym in the afternoon and we went to Pizza Express I said, ‘Maybe I’m going down with a cold.’ Unusual for me to say that because normally I ignore colds until they go away!

Tuesday am I knew I had a cold – streaming nose etc. – but felt okay in myself – had to rush to the loo a few times – not so good!
Went to Teas & Tots to help set up and came home so as not to pass on the bug. As the morning went on I started to get the chills…. cancelled all my appointments for the day – by late pm/eve my body ached (not badly, but a bit!) Still, it meant I got caught up on a host of admin. stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise have got done. 🙂

Went to bed last night fearful of a restless night – had quite the opposite!
Slept solidly till 20 to 6 – up for a loo visit and nose blow session and then back to sleep again. Dozed in bed, in and out of consciousness with no inclination to get up – how weird is that??!!

Is that what most people are like when they have a lie-in?!?!

Julie made me a hot honey and lemon – she had to tell me to drink it, I was that spaced out. When I finally came to just before 8 I realised my head was thumping – temples, all across forehead, and sinuses feeling sore too, though strangely, not feeling badly blocked. Knew I was going to have to cancel my appointments for today again including the Y-course tonight

Went downstairs to take some paracetamol – must be bad, so rarely ever do that! Don’t really feel hungry – normally starving by this time – this is a weird one!

So I sat in bed to read and pray, with Scooby sitting on my shoulder for company.

It was hard to think straight with me head thumping, but it eased off gradually as the paracetamol kicked in. Had to deal with some important pastoral matters via text/phone email and eventually got up for some breakfast mid morning. Had a bath, fed the birds, been doing some preparation work, but the headache/sore sinuses has kicked back in big time. Just taken some more tablets. Hopefully they’ll kick in soon enough.

For the life of me, I can’t fathom why people would habitually want to lie-in bed! But I’m grateful my body made me do so today to aid my recovery. Hopefully I’ll be better for tomorrow. 🙂



  1. Maybe you stole my extra sleep! I had to get up at 6:30 today for a work trip which is like an hour and a half earlier than normal. Thankfully I managed to fit in a 2 hour nap after work before band practice so it seems to have balanced out again!

    Hope you feel better soon

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