Posted by: lepages | December 12, 2010

The ups and downs of life!!

Life goes up and down doesn’t it??!!

just a few weeks ago I was delighted to find myself at my lowest weight (11′ 4″) in several years – courtesy of being careful in my eating and making sure I ate well as soon as I could after exercise.

Roll on after that a few very busy weeks work wise, resulting in training /exercise being at an absolute minimum (in fact there was one whole week without any exercise at all…… 😦 ). Finally a quieter week and I was looking forward to putting in a good few sessions and then I went down with a bug that wiped me out for a couple of days!

Some people don’t eat when they’re ill – I do!!
I pig out! Think it must be comfort eating! Preferably anything sweet… anything to lift the energy levels when you feel like you have no energy.
Result, when I weighed myself last week when I’d recovered other than cold symptoms remaining, and had had a bit of exercise….. I weighed 11′ 10″….. boo!! 😦 ….. a years training and fitness and weight loss lost in a few weeks….

Life does go up and down constantly!

My first exercise after recovering reasonably was a swim/gym session.
Pool was reasonably quiet, so had a good warm up, then did some drills to keep working on my stroke and try and get form back (and hopefully improve it!) Did a timed 400m. Delighted to do it in 7’59” – only my second time timed under 8mins! That was an up! Well chuffed! Then into gym….. supposed to be a 5k tempo run on the treadmill @12.5kph on 1.5% incline……. felt a lot harder than a tempo run! Stopped at 4k as someone waiting (good excuse! πŸ™‚ ) Weights were hard too….. everything that a couple of weeks earlier had become comfortable were now really hhhhaaarrrrdddddd work!

Ups….. and downs….. That’s life!

On the Sunday of that week, with very unusually, no responsibilities at church, I thought on a beautiful frosty morning (temperature around -4degrees when I went out) I’d go out for an easy run – an old run of around 5miles/8k – Queens Park – Bromham Road – Poets – Manton Lane – Brickhill Drive – Kimbolton Road – Bedford Park – Roff Avenue – Union St – Greyfriars – QP. Did it in 41:09. Really enjoyed the run, though believing the distance to be 8k thought that 6 weeks ago I’d have been running faster at the same comfort level (sweated buckets by the way – gloves and hat soaked by the time I got back and turning to ice on the outside!) It’s only now that I’ve checked the distance on Gmap pedometer and I have a pleasant surprise of finding its further than I remembered, so am actually happy with the speed for an easy run – distance 5.25miles/ 8.4k giving an average speed of 12.3kph.

Since then I’ve done the run again, set out in the same way for a comfortable run – amazed to stop my watch at 41:11 – obviously have a familiar pace which I set into to get such a close parallel without trying to do so! Also had another longer swim session a few days ago and concluded with a timed 400m – pretty consistent there too – lost my stroke a bit about half way through, but got it back and concluded hard to give a time of 8:04 – feel sure I should be able to get down to 7:30 if I can keep my stroke on form…. and perhaps even improve it??!!

Ups and downs don’t just relate to weight and fitness matters though.
After one of my visits to the gym which seemed hard, I was waiting in the car for Julie when Helen (my daughter) rang. She couldn’t open the front door – not nice to be stuck outside in below zero temperatures after biking home… Then got a text from her to say she’d tried again…. this time the key had broken in the lock….. 😦 Brought back memories of my key snapping in my bike lock a few weeks earlier which I mentioned in a previous blog

We were soon home and via Helen’s phone did a quick Google for our insurer’s helpline. Had to hang on for ages…. Our neighbours helped in trying to remove the key from the lock… but it wasn’t coming…. Eventually we got through….. but the home rescue service didn’t cover us… it only covers us if the property is insecure…. and our property wasn’t! It was very secure! We couldn’t get into it! If the same thing had happened with the door open and we couldn’t shut it, we’d have been covered! How weird is that!

We had to ring a local locksmith, but he was very efficient and was with us within 10mins and in freezing conditions with heavy snow falling he got the door open and then got the key out of the lock. Frighteningly, as with getting my bike free, I was shocked by how easy it is to break and enter….. A bent metal bar, through the letter box, over the inside handle, push down…. and the door is open!

The ups and downs of life!


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