Posted by: lepages | December 24, 2010

A Happy Christ-filled Christmas to all!

Just wanted to wish everyone who reads my blog a Happy Christ-filled Christmas!

Am so looking forward to Christmas Day tomorrow and celebrating the wonderful news that is the birth of Jesus! I’ll have some brief notes to post from our leading and thought for the day in our Celebration at Rutland Road Church tomorrow morning

Looking forward too to sharing in our celebrations with new friends too. And then really looking forward to heading home to Guernsey and all my family there on Boxing Day!

A couple of weeks ago I was preaching at a baptism service. It’s inappropriate to post my preach here because of the repeated references to those being baptised, but since then I’ve been really caught up with the passage we had as our Bible base for our worship and teaching on that day – Luke 2:8-20

I’ve kept referring to it again and again.

I’m caught up with PRAISE
Praise echoes through the reading – the angels bring praise to God, the shepherds bring praise to God – the birth of the Saviour Jesus is something worth bringing praise for.

I’ve been caught up with PONDERING
Mary pondered everything that happened. I’ve been pondering too!
How amazing is it that the Lord of creation, who created all things and through whom all things created came into being, should become a part of his creation and limit himself to the body of a human baby, who had to be cared for by his creation!
Pondering is a great thing to do!
Ponder the wonder of Jesus this Christmas!

The last thing I have been caught with is PROCLAIMING! The angels couldn’t help proclaiming the glories of God! The shepherds couldn’t help proclaiming all that they had seen and heard.
Surely this Christmas time we ought to also!

Once again, have a fabulous Christ-filled Christmas!



  1. Thanks for the post. Hope you guys had a great CHRISTmas too. Thanks for the generous gifts to Toby and Jasmine. Their father will make sure they spend wisely!
    God bless you in the year ahead. Mark (+Jess, Toby, Jasmine)

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