Posted by: lepages | February 14, 2011

The busyness of life…. and back to blogging!

Finally get round to putting something on here – have several preaches to add in due course. Came back from Christmas with my family in Guernsey to a very busy period. Struggled a bit to get back into gear as we also lived with a family loss, and had to head to the north of England, for my Aunt’s funeral service.

Probably can’t say too much on the work front, but it’s been good overall, inspite of the busyness, a real sense of being about the things God has wanted me to be about.

On the Bedford Blues front it’s been 2 ends! A fear at the start of the year that we were going through one of those midseason dips… but I need not have feared… the Blues were back on form after 2 matches! And what superb form they came into.

In the first minutes of the match against Nottingham I thought we were in for an absolute drubbing…. Nottingham scoring a pushover try on 1min 40secs! A second within 4mins and leading 0:19 within 10 minutes…. oh no…. a long afternoon ahead… but then the Blues turned the tables big time. Attack, and flow and defence was superb. Blues went on to win 47:19, not conceding a single point in the remaining 70minutes of play – awesome!

Last Friday night was a bit tedious really…. Bedford just completely outclassed Birmingham-Solihull, winning 52:0. 2 penalty tries from pushover scrums to start, and then it was a case of ‘lets try and score tries in as many different ways as possible’ – 8 clocked by the end of the evening.

Well, that’s one side avenue in my life.
Another is triathlon and my training for it, or not.
When you don’t train you soon discover how quickly you lose your form!
Whilst on holiday in Guernsey I ran a few times – enjoyable easy tempo runs of around 12/13k – although most involved going out downhill with following wind and returning home uphill into the wind, but pleasant enough. In addition I did a few core workout sessions.

Back to the UK, got my bookings in for my planned season – 3 duathlons to start with – first one the Dunmow Duathlon on Saturday 5th March – suddenly start to think…. suppose I’d better get some training in!!

Biking had been a virtual zilch for a long time. Think last bike other than commuting around town had been beginning of December. Went out for a ride with a couple of mates early in January – kept falling off the back and they kept having to wait for me…. rubbish. Average speed… with all the struggle and effort only 25kph…. boo…. 😦

Thought I ought to get back to swimming too….. first time in the pool not brilliant – knew I was putting much more effort in for same level and knew stroke and pace had all dropped off. Read an article in a tri mag suggesting that the only way to maintain good position in the water is by regularly being there…. determined I would swim at least twice a week… even if intended sessions got caught short due to time pressures. Found a training programme in a Triathlon Plus mag, which varied drills, pace, endurance. Been using that regularly and glad form is returning. Also picked up some tips from some good swimmers at Kempston pool whilst sitting in sauna post swim on a couple of occasions. Glad to say that I’m back to a comfortable 400m in 8mins to 8:30 – should be able to push less than 8 with effort. Happy with that, though always up to improve further!

So, biking and running….

Went out on a Beds Road reliability ride on 15th Jan. 41k in 1:38 Av. 25kph, pleased with that as included lots of technique and drill sessions

Sunday 23rd out for my wide Priory run – 10.9k in black, slippy mud conditions round Priory – love it! Time 53:50 Av. 12.15kph. Thought I was taking an easy tempo run, but discovered I mush have been pushing hard when I stopped! Nonetheless, happy given conditions, and really enjoyed it!

Scattered through the past 6weeks have been gym sessions with varied treadmill runs, weights and core workouts. Weights have left me with aching, stiff muscles having lost strength through inconsistent work. Treadmill sessions harder than pre Christmas with loss of form, but good shorter distance workouts of intervals, pyramids, or comfortable first half with increasing pace in second. Mon 24th Jan – intervals 12/16kph – 5k in 23:45 Av 12.7kph.

Wed 26th Jan – bike – Bromham – Stevington – Carlton – Felmersham – Pavenham – Bromham – Home Dist 31.67k Time 1:05:55 Av. 28.8kph

Sat 29th Jan – first brick session – reverse of above bike Time 1:05:00 Av 29.1kph T1 1:40 Run 5.76k Time 27.38 Av 12.5kph – pleasing.

Wed 2nd Feb – bike across town and round Classic tri course – strong SW wind – hard when cross wind – slow down to Shefford – fast up to Caldecote – 40-42kph all the way. Dist 42.57k Time 1:24 Av speed 30.3kph

Sat 5th Feb – good group bike – not fast and hard, but lots of fun sprints and hill climbs, plenty of stops for slower riders and for 2 punctures. V. windy – hard going out in to the wind. Some stretches on return with side wind required caution. Dist 77k Time 3:05 Av. speed 25kph

Mon 7th Feb – beautiful sunny afternoon so opted for a first longer run, round the Willington loop. Had strong mainly following wind on way out – and really tough on open parts on return. Planned to take easy on way out knowing return would be hard with wind, and knowing first longer run since the Autumn! Pleased with the run. Enjoyed. Dist. 18.4k Time 1:34 Av speed overall 11.74kph. Av speed for first half 12.4kph. Hardest 2k on return were run at less than 10kph!! (Not because exhausted, or taking it easy – was my hardest bit of running, but into a really strong wind! When it was side on as I crossed a bridge had to lean sideways into the wind as I ran!!)

Today, went to explore the Dunmow Duathlon course – looks a great event with lots of fun places to run – doubt that it’ll be a place for PB’s, but certainly good for fun and a challenge. Bike course a mixture of rough country lanes and smooth roads, some areas quite technical, few dodgy junctions. Pleased with the bike (including an error of returning for a missed turn, which I hadn’t missed after all!) Easy tempo pace. Pleased to have upped av. speed again and should go up for racing. Dist 21.34k Time 40:00 Av. speed 32kph.

All I need to do now is keep the training going, step up a bit and lose a few kilogrammes!!

Diary not looking quite so mad in next few weeks so hopefully will get back to blogging and get some sermon notes up before too long as well.


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