Posted by: lepages | February 21, 2011

Update from the train

Last week I did a bit of catch up on my training or lack of over the past period!

At present I’m sitting on a train travelling First Class from Bedford to Nottingham and then onwards to Alfreton to go to The Hayes Conference Centre at Swanwick, for the Life in the Spirit conference – so looking forwards to this time of sharing with others and with God.

When I was booking my train ticket online a few weeks ago I found I could book First Class for only £3 more than my normal Advance fare price. I’m loving it! Can thoroughly recommend it – free decent coffee, free newspaper (Independent – my favourite!) free biscuits (quality!) and free WiFi. If you’re advance booking train tickets, check out the deals on first class!!

So, back to training. Hasn’t been as consistent and full on as I’d like, but there’s been some good stuff. Tuesday 15th I went up to Kempston pool for a swim session late afternoon. In the middle of my main session after a warm up and some drills I had a 400m session so thought I’d time it and see how I’m doing. Was really pleased as I wasn’t pushing at max, had to pass a slower swimmer and give way to a faster one and still did it in 8:03 – now, if I can just keep improving!!

Wednesday and Thursday were very busy days and no training – but good days in time spent with folk and in admin accomplished.

Friday 18th popped out to the pool and gym again over the lunchtime period. Did a 6k steady increase run on the treadmill for starters. Pleased. 2.5k @ 12kph then stepping up by 0.5kph every 0.5km, up to 15kph, dropping back to 12.5kph for final 0.5k. Time 28:09, giving an average speed of 12.9kph. Followed with some weights – mainly upper body/arms session – seemed to go pretty good. Then into the pool…. that was hard after the effort of the weights – arms ached, difficult to keep stroke going smoothly…. ho hum!

Saturday 19th was a changeable feast!! Was planning on doing a run/easy bike with a couple of friends/run session… but weather was horrible…. very wet and cold too…. decided not to do that. Had just decided to go for another swim/gym session when I got a call from another mate who was planning on doing an easy 4mile run. Weather was brightening now (though still drizzling lightly) – but pretty good running conditions – aim was to see if we could slow our pace down to 9min miles… well, we managed 8:25min miles… and that felt pretty easy. Pleasing, because in my normal metric thinking it was about 6.5k in about 33mins with an average speed of 11.75kph – pleased that it felt like an easy run. Additional running at similar pace between our 2 homes at start and finish of nearly 2k.

Spent rest of afternoon doing arm work (ironing!!) whilst watching NCIS, listening to Bedford Blues scrape out a win at Plymouth, and watching Saints being smashed by Bath.

Sunday was a different day for me. No responsibilities at church in the morning. Valuable preach from Brian Eames with some challenging stuff on understanding the Old Testament in the light on the New, and vice versa. Some great humour too in the midst of the hard material. Followed by a good time of developing worship.

In the afternoon I went out for an easy ride – low gear, fast cadence stuff, or just easy trundling. great to catch up and chat with friends. Distance 57.5k, av. speed 24kph, Time 2:24


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