Posted by: lepages | March 1, 2011

4 days to go…

… to my first multisport event of 2011 – the Dunmow Duathlon.

Am I ready for it? Probably not as ready as I’d like to be! But in some ways pleased, given the amount of consistent training I haven’t always managed to do…

Last week I was away at Life in the Spirit conference from Monday to Thursday. Got up to Kempston pool for a good swim session early on Monday morning. Seemed to go pretty well as far as I can remember! (Didn’t note anything down other than ‘good swim session’!)

Great first night and morning at the conference. Afternoon break from 2 till 4pm so out for my favourite Swanwick run – good hilly run with some nice long variable gradient hills. Damp conditions. Lots of mud on the track part, closed to public traffic, courtesy of building work and farm traffic. Set out to do a good tempo run. 8.3k in a time of 38.35, giving an average speed of 12.9kph – pleasing for a tempo run given the hilly conditions.

On the Wednesday afternoon I did my Swanwick run 2 – slightly longer – 9.55k – not quite so pleasant as mainly pavement running alongside roads and through Alfreton town centre – some hill, but not quite as long or steep. Damp conditions and quite strong winds. Tempo run again. Time 45:49 giving an average speed of 12.5kph – happy with that – but wondering whether I’ll be able to run after cycling….. wondering too about my cycling….

Friday we had our church leadership retreat day out at Turvey Monastery so I opted for an easy ride there and back. Ride out was hard going. Heavy bag on my back and into a strong mainly SW wind. Distance 20.35k Time 44:10 giving an average speed of 27.6kph.
Return journey without bag (friend kindly took it home with them!) and with part following side wind rather than mainly side head. Distance (including diversion to collect bag) 20.47k. Average speed to Queens Park 31.5kph, reducing to 30.3kph once commute to collect bag added in. Time 40:34. Okay…. but would prefer to be holding a higher speed really…. guess I just don’t handle wind well (have to blame it on something…!!)

Full weekend and no opportunity to get out at all.
Monday, time was tight, but squeezed in a short run-bike-run brick session. Really pleased with the run part, but disappointed with the bike, but wind played a strong part with a strong NNE mainly cross wind (just found out varied between 24 & 29kph whilst I was out – fascinating website here!)

So stats:-
Run 3k – 13:30 – 13.3kph
T1 – 01:06
Bike 24.4k – 47:54 – 30.5kph
T2 – 01:14
Run 0.8k – 03:35 – 13.4kph

Feel I should be able to run well on Saturday – but am not expecting great times given the muddy off road conditions we’ll be running in. Hoping I can get a better bike in! (But that’s going to be slow too given the 1.5k of rough track from transition to the road at the start and finish of the bike.)

All that aside, BRING IT ON!!
So looking forward to competing again!


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