Posted by: lepages | April 11, 2011

Dam busting….

So since my last post on the multisport side of life I’ve completed two Duathlons – the first, the Dambuster Duathlon, I was really pleased with my runs. The second, the Ashbourne Duathlon, I was glad I survived!!

In the lead up to these events I’ve been pleased with how my running training has been going. Pleased to see my speed on tempo runs creeping up, and  pleased with how my speed interval work was going at the gym on the treadmill. As well as that I was also happy with how some of my brick sessions were going too. (A brick session is where you go straight from a bike session to a run).

As I approached the Dambuster Duathlon I was determined not to make the same mistake I’d made on the Dunmow one and over do the bike and not be able to run on the second run!

Both runs I clocked the same average running speed for each – well pleased with that, and well pleased with my average overall speed (though I reckon the distances on the runs were a bit shorter than advertised).

The event was a European and World Championship qualifier, so given the fact that I thought it was one of my best performances yet, I was still well down the field, coming 189th out of 300 finishers.

Times were as follows:-

Run 1 (Officially 10k – but I reckon closer to 9k) 00:41:33

T1 00:01:21

Bike 42k 01:21:19

T2 00:01:29

Run 2 (Officially 5k – but I reckon closer to 4.5k) 00:21:19

Time overall 02:27:01

It was a fantastic day. Well organised. Superb sound system with a guy MCing throughout. Nice T-shirt, being worn by myself as I type!!

3 weeks later it was the Ashbourne event. On Facebook I think I posted of the event – ‘Brilliant event. Challenging course. Ill prepared.’ It was me that was ill prepared. The publicity talked of an initial 12km run on an ‘undulating’ course around Carsington Water. ‘Undulating’ is not the right word. A large percentage of the run involved steep climbs and steep descents… one after another…. after another…. after another…. In my thinking I’d thought that the bike would be really hilly (which it was – made the Rutland Ripple on the Dambuster seem like a minor inconvenience!) but I hadn’t quite grasped the idea of hills on the run around a reservoir – thought it would be generally quite flat with a few ups and downs here and there….. no chance!! I reckon most of the slopes were 8-12% or more. Several times I just felt like walking up the last bit of a climb, but I kept going…. just! Scenery was fantastic. Weather was beautiful. Plenty warm enough in my trisuit (sweating buckets!) Wish I’d put my sunglasses and hat on for the first run as the sun was right in your eyes on a number of occasions, or flickering repeatedly through trees which was a bit distracting.

Out on to the bike (Just cycle I told myself!) Soon started picking up a few folk, but the run had separated everyone out well in my area of the field. Think I passed around a dozen folk on the ride. Good course. Real mix of terrain. Some good roads with plenty of opportunity to get down on the tribars and power through. Hills, up and down, of variable gradient – some taking me to lowest gear and dropping back to less than average running pace, others long and gradual on good road surface, again allowing you to get down on the bars and set up a good rhythm and power through. Some of the drops were great power through rides – others were a bit more unnerving!! One down through a twisting rough road in a forest was quite scary. No pedalling – plenty of braking with corners, but still doing over 60kph at times, and road surface making my calf muscles shake – weird – and then a t-junction and right hand turn at the bottom….. oh what fun!!

Coming off the bike I knew that the final 4k run was at least just a flat run across the dam. Set off okay determined to run it out, but legs aching big time. Had a guy ahead of me who had passed me on the first run (remembered him because he’d looked at his Garmin as he’d gone past me and I’d asked him how far we’d gone, and he’d said ‘just over half way’ – which was a mixture of a relief and oh no comibined!) Seemed to be matching his pace okay and I thought if I can just stay with him, that’ll keep me going. The last two guys I went past on the bike came past us like they were doing a sprint session, but they were only two of three that took me in the second run and I’d taken 12 on the bike. At the turn took on some fluid and felt refreshed. Coming back with breeze following I was able to pick up the pace for a bit. Soon passed the chap I was following and once past him there was no-one else in range to try and chase down.

Ran through to the finish absolutely shattered. Took on loads of fluid. Got a free leg massage which was really nice. Pleased with results given how challenging and ill prepared for hill work I felt, but if I do it again next year will definitely have to put in some hill work in preparation!!

Came 69th out of 138 finishers, so dead on the half way point.

Results as follows:-

Run 1 12k (hilly, more than undulating!) 01:00:56

T1 00:01:30

Bike 40k 01:24:32

T2 00:01:02

Run 2 4k 00:18:19 (pleased with this given all that had gone before!)

Total time 02:46:22

So that’s my last booked multisport event until 18th June, when I get to do my first triathlon of the year, the Dambuster tri up at Rutland water. Inbetween times I hope to do at least a couple of running events and get in some biking ones too – first booked event, the Stanwick 10k run on Easter Monday, but I have a feeling there may be a 10mile TT before then…. bring it on!


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