Posted by: lepages | April 17, 2011

A good weeks training….

After the struggle of the Ashbourne Duathlon Saturday last week, I thought to have a good recovery training week this week.

Sunday was a day of rest from training (though not from preaching! – praise God for the way he ministered to folk that Sunday – more about that soon!)

Monday was a late start to the day, following a restless night. Woke at 3 and couldn’t get back to sleep till after 5. Finally having got back to sleep, I slept till 10 to 8 (unheard of for me!) Even more unheard of was I stayed in bed reading/praying/reflecting till 20 to 10 (overheard my daughter asking my wife if I was alright!!) After shower, breakfast, washing up and other household duties, it was outside to clean the aviaries out, and then Julie and I went for a very pleasant walk along the river into town and up to Pizza Express (just love Tesco vouchers!!) Once home we went up to the gym. Determined to take it easy. Treadmill prog. was for 2.5k @12kph then increasing every 0.5k till 15kph, then back to 12.5kph for final 0.5k for 6k total. Opted to reduce speed back by 0.5k at every 2min marker – made for a comfortable run, and felt better for it at end. Did some weights and core work afterwards, again just either reducing weights or number of repeats slightly.

Tuesday12th was a swim over lunchtime period. Good session with a timed 400m in the middle of the main session part. Pleased with a 7:59 without pushing hard. Have felt my stroke was improving a bit (thanks Deane and others for encouragement advice and observations!)

Wednesday 13th – short bike late afternoon – Bromham – Oakley – Pavenham – Carlton – Felmersham – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – Home. Strong WSW breeze (my estimation!!) Made for some fast stretches on way home and some other bits not quite so good! Glad to flag the speed sign coming into Bedford for the first time in a long time! Dist. 33.43k Time 1:07 Av. 30kph

Thursday 14th – late pm 13k tempo run – beautiful day – good following breeze on way out to Priory Marina – 1st 5k with following breeze in 23mins Av. 13kph. Lots of fresh protein to eat running near river…. and to pick out of eyes…. and squash in hair…. Felt good steady run all the way. Enjoyed running past two groups of cyclists, particularly one young guy who said to his other half ‘Come on! We’re being overtaken by joggers!’ Back along river after wide loop around Priory, to end of Queens Park and then home. 13k in 1:02:35 giving an av. of 12.46kph overall. Pleasing given it didn’t feel like a hard session, but a reasonably comfortable tempo run.

Friday 15th was another gym session – first thing in the morning before going to appointment in Kempston. 25mins intervals on treadmill. Alt. 3mins @ 12kph, 2mins @ 16kph x4 then 5mins @ 12kph to finish. 5k in 22:22. Av. speed over 25mins 13.3kph. Dist. 5.53k. Followed by some good weights and core work.

Saturday 16th. First open water swim for the year at Box End lake Fantastic. 12.8 degrees in the water. Air temp around 15 degrees – first swim last year showed -3 when driving over and hard frost on the ground. Beautiful morning as the sun broke through the clouds whilst swimming. Loved it! Straight two circuits (circa 1600m total) – checked watch as set off 7:11am, checked as finished at 7:43 – giving a time of circa 32mins – well pleased – concentrated hard on stroke rather than pushing hard. Am sure this would have equated to a PB for a 1500m swim. Well chuffed, but becomes a tough bench mark to work from for the season! Am determined to do at least one pool swim a week rather than just open water swimming, to keep me working on my technique – even though I’d much rather be out in the open water – love it – much better than a boring pool!

From there, on to prayer time at church, home, breakfast 2, feed birds and then change to cycle over to Harrold for family gathering. Easy ride over – Bromham – Oakley – Pavenham – Clapham – Harrold – 17.3k Time 34:08 Av 29kph. Longer ride back early evening – Lavendon – Olney – Newton Blossomville – Astwood – Cranfield – Kempston – Home – 40.3k Time 1:21:12 Av 30kph

Pleasing week, holding good averages without pushing hard, with the huge bonus of feeling some steps forward on the swimming fronts.

A week tomorrow is my first 10k running race in 3 years…. what will I do?? Have just registered earlier to do the Harrold Pit Run for fun on the 30th too.

Bring it on!


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