Posted by: lepages | July 30, 2011

Training…. and not training!

So a month since my last post, 6/7 weeks since the Dambuster triathlon. A lot can happen in a 6 week period.

Two weeks after the Dambuster (3rd July) I did another Standard distance triathlon – the Bedford Classic. The work I’d been doing on my swimming and cycling showed!

Took almost 3 minutes off last years swim time (though didn’t know this at the time…. sadly forgot to start my stopwatch!!), and the river was so much better to swim in this year than last! Wasn’t eating weed like last year!! Not as quick as my Dambuster 1500m, but still reasonably pleased with a time of 30:16 and a T1 of 01:29 was okay.

Out on to the bike and felt good. Whilst I didn’t know how my time was doing I knew I wanted to work to an average speed of at least 33kph to be on my target time – pleased to be holding over 34kph all the way, over 35kph to the turn towards Ickwell. Pleased to only have a couple of folk go past me all the way round the bike course – one a GB team chap who was winner of next age group category I think – and another chap that I did battle with for much of the course. He won the battle in the end… though admittedly I had caught him and gone past him first! Chuffed with my bike time of 1:10:22 – 18th overall for the bike in a field of 170 odd.

Good T2 – first time I’ve got through transition in under a minute – 1 second under to be precise – T2 0:59.

Run was the pits though… started off okay, on track for the first lap with a time of just over 14mins for the 3.33k, slowed a little in second lap, down to over 15mins…. then the third… was all I could to just keep the legs moving – dropped back to over 17mins for third lap – my watch had clocked over 47mins as I’d started it as I was in T2. No idea of overall time. Felt disappointed with the run. Realised that I’d been focusing on the bike and swimming in training and my early season run form had dropped off. Just running is not adequate. Eventually found time was 46:45, so a minute 15 slower than last year… not quite as bad as I’d at first thought… but still disappointing…. unlike my overall time… well chuffed, broke the 2 hour 30 barrier…. just! Very pleased with my overall time of 02:29:53.

The following weekend we were off on holiday. Lovely time visiting friends in Switzerland, and having the privilege of preaching in their church, Missione Popolare Evangelica, before we then went on to Guernsey to visit my family there and celebrate my Mum’s 70th birthday.

I determined that I would swim and run as much as I could during the holiday time. Discovered the joy of swimming in pools in mountain rivers! Not always the warmest without a wetsuit! But what a delight! Clear water and a joy with goggles on watching the fish as I swam. Managed a couple of runs whilst in Switzerland – just easy runs, with the idea of starting to step up distance from 10k. First one was 11.5k in 65mins (though included several brief direction figuring short stops!) Few days later…. and after a couple of good hikes up mountains, headed out on same run – mix of tarmac pavements and rough off road areas – but extended slightly – still 65min run, but this time over 12.7k.

When we got over to Guernsey, determined to up the running a bit further. Did a couple of longer runs, both involving a couple of k’s uphill on the second half of the run (home is on the top of the island, so all runs are likely to end with uphill!) Interesting thing was I did the same run in reverse and ended up just 13 seconds difference on time! Mr consistency! Stats. 17.8k in 1:34:18 and 1:34:05. Reasonably pleased as it was comfortable running, which would still have got me under 2 hours for my half marathon at the end of my first Middle Distance triathlon in September.

In between the two long runs I did an interval run and a hill repeat run. Interval run was 7mins easy jog to warm up, then 5 one minute hard intervals with a 4min easy jog recovery, followed by an easy jog home. First two intervals were on the flat – felt I ran well. 3rd was downhill and was really fast, even though it wasn’t a steep incline – wondered if my body was going to overtake my legs!! 4&5 involved both steep up and down as I worked my way back home through the Guernsey lanes. As I took a bend at the bottom of a hill near the reservoir I wondered whether I was going to do the same as some descending in the Tour de France did the previous night and run off the road! Just managed to maintain my balance. Phew!! 44mins 7.6k

Hill repeats were fun. Easy run down to my favourite beach area, Petit Bot, mostly off road through some woods. Hill repeats x5 on a straight bit of road – incline I would guess of around 4% rising to 6-8% towards end. Distance of repeats 0.28k. Times 1:13/1:10/1:10/1:11/1:10 – Mr. Consistency again! Easy jog down and then rest for between max.15-20secs until watch at 00 or 30 secs for recovery. After brief stop to watch folk preparing for kayaking and another chap spear fishing, easy jog home up the main road – pretty steep in places with a higher incline at times. Total distance 8k Time 48:45.

Travelled home late on Saturday 23rd July. Next morning to church and catching up with folk. PM spent catching up on some emails and preparing notes for our cell groups at church. Beautiful day, so late afternoon, work done, thought I’d get out for a long ride. Thought I’d do reverse of my last long ride on Monday 20th June – 74k in 2:32 Av speed 29.2kph. Enjoying my ride greatly. Not pushing hard. Easy steady ride. Pleasing to see my average speed was staying over 30kph for same level of perceived exertion, and as I headed towards home I knew that was going to pick up as the breeze would be following me home from Cranfield.

Out on the ride I was reminded that I needed to book my bike in at Transitions for a rear hub service as it was playing up the day before the Classic triathlon. Kindly Steve, the proprietor had made some adjustments to get me through, but advised the hub did need a full service.

My bike ride ended abruptly, before the fast home ride section. Coming along a straight into Cranfield from Astwood direction, a car was coming in the opposite direction. The driver decided to turn right into a side road – right across my path… result head on collision with left hand side front end of wing, up over the bonnet, deposited in the road in the side road. Really freaked – given my past experience of a similar accident 5+ years ago which left me unconscious for 9 days. Remarkably, only damage to me is a fractured patella on my right knee, along with some nasty scrapes to elbows and knees – along with bruises in many other places! Forks on bike sheared off at base of top tube – bit of damage to a good few other bits as well…

End of season. 😦 No GraniteMan Middle distance tri for me this year – boo hoo… still, maybe next year then!! 🙂

Was first advised I’d not be training for 3 months and need a splint for my leg. Consultant was a lot more encouraging! 🙂 Given strength of legs no need for splint. Supported walking with crutches for a week, then easy ordinary walking for a week or so. Can swim as soon as flesh wounds are healed – 6 days in and still a few days to go by the look of some this morning!! Yuk!! In a few weeks non-impact aerobic stuff at gym and back to easy training in 4-6 weeks, but sadly that’s going to be just about maintaining fitness in readiness for next season….

Lessons – never ease up on one area of training in multisport! Be prepared for events to change everything.


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