Posted by: lepages | October 7, 2011

Recovery journey continued…

So, 6 weeks since my last post on the physical exercise front. Recovery is up and down as far as shoulder rotator cuff is concerned, but knee seems to be doing well, other than the odd minor ache now and again.

Have been trying to pick up the training, but hasn’t always happened courtesy of life pressures and a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago. Along with that, I was trying to persuade the parts of 2 old bikes to work together to be able to knock around town with – kept having problems with compatibility issues. Gave up in the end, salvaged some good parts for potential future back up use and set about getting a cheap second hand bike to knock around town with. Was blessed by a mate contacting me from Beds Road Cycling Club and offering me an old entry level MTB – have to say I’m loving it, though it’s going to need some work on the brakes and gearing.

Anyway the result of all this is that whilst strength is gradually coming back, endurance has some way to go!! Been amazed at how I can suddenly feel drained out after an hour or so on the bike or 30 mins or so running. Had been doing circa 1500m swim sets and upped them to just over 2k in the last week or so and amazed at how draining that was.

So what have I been up to…. and where am I going… and what am I working towards??

In my last post I mentioned entering a 10mile bike TT. Well training diary up till then.

Monday 29th August – easy bike with a mate round the Stevington loop – stats – Time 53:24 Dist 14.74miles Av speed 16.5mph Mx 26.3mph

Tuesday 30th August – first easy run since accident – along river and back with no undue problems – slight tension/discomfort at start, but eased as going along T. 29:31 D.5.7k Av.11.6kph

Wednesday 31st August – easy run to and from Kempston pool with a swim of circa 1500m mixing drills etc

Friday 2nd September – steady/easy bike round Classic course with 4x hard intervals of a minute or so. Shoulders and neck ached afterwards (and during) – had a fiddle with bar positioning a bit over a couple of weeks and gradually improved. Stats. T.1:28 D.26.47m Av.18mph Mx.29.8mph

Monday 5th September – swim/sauna session – have discovered that if I don’t swim every few days my shoulder seems to stiffen up and become more problematical

Tuesday 6th September – second recovery run along river and back – included 4 30sec hard intervals with recovery jogs, returning to easy running before next interval session. T.28:47 D.5.7k Av.11.9kph

Friday 9th September – aim – easy bike with 2 10min hard sessions – route – Bromham-Box End-Green End-Wootton (went for first hard session after Wootton – certainly was hard into the wind – gave up after 6mins! Struggled all the way into and through Cranfield – going past accident site for first time – survived okay, though a bit unsettling – especially discovering the site wasn’t exactly as I’d remembered it from the accident and described it in police and insurance statements…. oh dear…) On to Astwood-Newton Blossomville-Turvey-Carlton-Felmersham-Pavenham-Oakley-Bromham-Home. Did second hard session out of Newton Blossomville to Turvey, and then out of Turvey on road to Carlton – was struggling with shoulder/neck ache and a bit of knee ache too. Stats. T.2:01 D.34.26m Av.16.9mph Mx.33.4mph. Seemed hard work, but with hindsight I may well have been influenced by the effects of the previous day of prayer and fasting at church.

Saturday 10th September – short swim at Kempston pool including a pleasing timed 400m in 7:42

Tuesday 13th September – bike interval session with Beds Road guys on Willington to Great Barford road. Good session. Couldn’t hold pace on return intervals into the wind and kept dropping off the back. Forgot to set bike computer so no stats available.

Wednesday 14th September – 1.6k swim set at Kempston pool

Thursday 15th September – running hill repeats up Cemetery Hill – easy/steady run to Foster Hill Road then 5x repeats up hill to rubbish bin and easy jog recovery back down – recovery down circa 55secs – intervals up 35/36/36/34/37 – av. speed up the hill 14.5kph. Time overall 35:13 Distance overall 6.6k Av. speed overall 11.2kph

Friday 16th September – cycle commute to Rushden and back T.2:09:37 D.37.64m Av.17.2mph

Saturday 17th September – 10mile TT on the Brogborough/Wootton old A421 course – very windy!! Average speed to Wootton roundabout 29.5mph Mx 39.5mph going down Brogborough hill. Didn’t drop below 25 on outward leg (apart from having to brake hard and give way to a car at Marston roundabout)and was often holding just over 30mph. Turned at Wootton roundabout and hit the wind!! Speed dropped to 19-20mph, then to 15-18 variable – right down to 13 at Marston roundabout – finished at 17-18 into a very strong gusting wind. Time 26:15 Av. speed 22.9mph. Fastest 10 for the year – perhaps down to new bike and good course, rather than my levels of fitness!
Got soaked cycling from there into Bedford to watch end of Blues hanging on for a 22:18 win against London Welsh. So glad it didn’t rain during the race!! šŸ™‚

The following week was when the cold attacked. At the start of the week I was just feeling down emotionally and spiritually – by the end of the week I knew the reason as the cold came in head on – was on my third packet of tissues by lunchtime on one morning! Think I managed one short swim that week… Next session was a swim/sauna session on Monday 26th September

Tuesday 27th September – bike around Classic course – still quite windy with strong SW breeze making use of tribars awkward in open areas and with passing traffic, but had a really good session going steady and not pushing up the hills. Av. speed to Caldecote 20.2mph, dropping to 20.1mph at Cardington Road, rush hour traffic brought it down to 19.5mph by the time I got home. From Shefford -Caldecote I was holding 23-25+ all the way – pleasing – that would have been just over 40kph at times – don’t remember doing that previously along there. Stats T. 1:21 D.26.42m Av.19.5mph Mx 31.7mph

Decided that night that I’d enter the Grim Duathlon on 22nd September as my little birthday treat to myself!! Starting to realise that is not long away and thinking it’s going to be hard work on the day!! May live to regret this… but it does look great fun!

We then headed off to Guernsey to visit my family. Fantastic weather. Took the bike and had a couple of easy rides, (though tired at end of first one!) a good swim in the sea for 20-30mins most days and an easy run round the airport on the final day (I say easy…. it seemed hard work… but I wasn’t pushing hard!!)

Friday 30th September – easy/steady bike – from Hougue Fouque to Pleinmont – along coast to The Bridge via L’Ancresse bay and back. D.34.73m T. 1:53 Av.18.4mph Mx 31.2mph

Sunday 2nd October – easy/steady bike (more easy than steady at times!!) round the island, apart from couple of diversions due to road works. D.25.64m T. 1:22 Av.18.6mph Mx.33mph

Monday 3rd October – easy/steady run around airport D.5.2k T.26:20 Av.11.9kph

Wednesday 5th October – back in Bedford – realised I need to get off road with Duathlon only a couple of weeks away! Went for an off road bike along river to Box End, round the 5k route and back home – loved it! (Apart from getting stung when near home – still bothering me tonight… though Anthisan and Pirotin seems to help!) Stats. T.49:17 D.10.61m Av.12.9mph Mx.20.9mph

Thursday 6th October – early swim of circa 2k.

Today, off road run round Kempston river loop – was trying to take it easy-steady, but seemed like hard work! T.33:58 D.6.8k Av 12.2kph

Think I need to put a few brick sessions in before 22nd… wonder how I’ll get on??!!



  1. Nice work Steve, your bike work looks great, i did the Bedford Park run Saturday, ave 12.3kph …. they need more runners!!….. its good the way they post the results online the same day, not so good when you look at the category description, VM (veteran male) , or as my wife says Vintage Male, not sure which is worse?……

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Dean! You get used to being a Veteran quite quick… though the idea of Vintage is pretty good too!! šŸ˜‰ I’d love to do the Park run regularly, but we have a prayer time at church on a Saturday till 9, and I don’t like missing it too often… maybe once in a while…

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