Posted by: lepages | November 8, 2011

Recovery complete???

Sitting here with aching legs… why ever would I post a blog entitled ‘Recovery complete???’!!

Well because my legs are aching after a good 90min (almost!) MTB ride earlier today over some bone shaking ground at times… and that was a follow on from a good swim session with a lot of build and kickboard sets… maybe at last I’m improving on the kicking stuff, as quite often I was staying with the head up breast strokers in the middle lane.

For all that neither my knee, nor shoulder is aching. Was surprised at the weekend to reach up for something and find it was more uncomfortable for my left arm than my right! Nice surprise!

Don’t think everything is actually 100% – still get the odd occasional twinge from both knee and shoulder, but, praise God, they are so much better. Feel I can train/race now without having to worry about them – wonderful relief!

I’ll continue doing the physio stuff to keep everything in order for the time being though – all helps with core stuff anyway, so that’s got to be good!

Been doing a good variety of training since the ‘Grim Duathlon’ , largely courtesy of Triathlon Plus magazine training plans – my consistently preferred tri mag.

With no other events on the horizon I even ventured back into the gym. I’d stayed away, because running on the treadmill had tended to tweak my knee with the pull of it’s movement, something I hadn’t experienced running outside. I was also really nervous of doing anything with weights or weight machines which might cause further problems for my rotator cuff injury.

Adapting the Triathlon Plus training progs for gym use I’ve done typical 30min runs on the treadmill. One schedule I’ve used was 4mins @11kph – 4mins @12kph – 7mins @13kph – 5mins @14kph – 5mins @12kph – 5mins @11kph – equivalent to Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 2 Zone 1. Another simple schedule was 10mins @12kph – 10mins @13kph – 10mins @12kph.

There was also a great little circuit session I’ve done a couple of times which leaves me with a bit of muscle ache!
Treadmill runs alternating with other exercises… followed by my physio stuff and a recover in the sauna!!
Run 5mins @12kph
Run 5mins @13kph
20 press ups
Run 3mins @12kph
20 crunches on Swiss ball
Run 3mins @12kph
20 tricep dips (killer!!)
Run 3mins @12kph
20 squats
Run 3mins @12kph
20 lunges
Run 5mins @12kph.

Have got in a few bike rides too – one short one in very wet conditions whilst out. Most recently, aside from the off road ride earlier I did a 30mile easy ride with 4 hard intervals of 6-10mins – route Home – Bromham/Oakley/Pavenhame/Felmersham (zone 2) – Felmersham – Carlton (zone 3) – Zone 1 through Carlton – Carlton – Turvey (zone 3/4) – Turvey – Newton Blossomville (zone 1) – Top of Newton Blossomville hill – Astwood (zone 3/4) – Astwood – Cranfield/Wootton/Kempston/Home (zone 2). Average speed 17.8mph Mx 36mph Time 1:41

When I started writing this up I was contemplating doing another off road duathlon in a few weeks time – that was my motivation for my off road bike – and would have been my motivation for an off road run as I complete this a day later – but I’ve realised that it’ll clash with several other things scheduled for that day (so glad I didn’t part with my money last night which I nearly did!!)…. wonder what else I can find! March is a long time to wait for an event and the added motivation it brings!!


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