Posted by: lepages | February 5, 2012


So, was looking at my diary earlier today…. suddenly realised it was less than 5 weeks to my first multisport race of the year …. and not just any race…. the Dambuster Duathlon at Rutland Water…. which just happens to be a World Duathlon Championship Qualifier….

Not that any where in my thinking is being or even attempting to be a qualifier! It’s just that conscious that top end folk are likely to be there in the field, to finish in the top half/third/quarter of the field is a bigger ask!! (Which is my aim!) Be really disappointed if I fall out of the top 50%!

So, I need to be fit, at the top of my game, sharp and on the ball…. but that’s not probably where I’m at!

Been doing some good steady winter training. Been working on my swimming (not much use in a duathlon!) and have tried to keep my biking okay, rather than letting it fall away like I did last winter. Running though has just been steady stuff, by and large… though I did run a new 5k PB for myself on Boxing Day 21:22 (though was hoping to get down to 21 and if last years Dambuster Duathlon was a full 10k and 5k run I actually went faster then!!). Have done a few just over 9k hilly runs in zone 3 and had an average speed of around 13kph (13.2 last week)

Played for a while in the gym with a few multiple brick sessions, which seemed to go pretty well. Then a few weeks ago, went out for a long ride, and absolutely blew with about 10miles to go. Have felt that biking hasn’t been quite to the same place since…. Pleased last weekend to go out for a 40mile easy ride and hold steady without any undue problems… but how will I be if I try and edge it up….????

Few weeks ago, I went out for my favourite almost 11k run, taking a wide loop around Priory Country Park. Wore my road running shoes…. foolish! Should have put my trail shoes on! It was so muddy and slippy. Spent time slipping and sliding all over the show. Legs ached like mad afterwards. Since that time I’ve had a recurrence of my long term problem with referred sciatic pain, pain in right buttock and lower back….. currently awaiting some physio…. noticed knee not quite as good again too… perhaps need to go back to my physio strengthening exercises following my fractured patella last July.

So, shock today!
How am I going to get on form for 5 weeks time?
Don’t fancy getting out in the ice and snow which appeared last night.
Fear making some of these niggles worse.
But should I just go and get out there?
I can put on the trail shoes, I can get the MTB out and do some off road stuff to keep the strength and control there… hoping the weather improves enough for me to have at least a few weeks to do some work on building my speed, endurance and strength up.
But maybe I should just get up the gym till the weather improves… work on some intervals, some strengthening work, weights and core work, and do some brick sessions…

Had very pleasing run times last year (though wasn’t happy with the bike). Will I be able to get up to the mark and beat last years times???!!!

This is what I need to beat:-

R1 41:33
T1 1:21
B 1:21:19
T2 1:29
R2 21:19

We’ll see!
Think I’d better edge the training up, starting tomorrow!!


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