Posted by: lepages | February 20, 2012

First outdoor brick session of the year

So, a couple of weeks ago I suddenly realised I only had 5 weeks till my first multisport event of 2012 and thought I ought to get down to some training!

Been struggling with the ongoing problem of my, I believe, piriformis syndrome, some aggravation of my knee injury from my accident last July, and resultant tension in my right hamstring. Can’t sit for long and having to repeatedly resort to sitting on floor with leg outstretched. Think it probably all links back to knee injury and that I’ve triggered the piriformis problem by overcompensating for my knee. The resultant tension in the hamstring has limited my running a bit – doubt very much that I will beat last years time for the Dambuster Duathlon – think I’ll be lucky to get near it. 😦 Oh well… Still awaiting physio… hope its forthcoming soon!

Anyway, back to my training programme! Variable I think has to be the assessment… and haven’t really worked out what is causing the variability overall. So, here’s what I’ve been up to:-

Monday 6th February
In the midst of the snow opted for a gym workout
Did a brick session
Treadmill run 1 25mins intervals 3mins 12kph 2 mins 16kph 5.5k Av speed 13.3kph
Gym bike 22mins intervals Cadence 80-90 (90+ on intervals) – level rising from 8 – 14 (felt shattered at end)
Treadmill run 2 4k, plodding mostly at 12kph increasing gradually to 12.7kph towards end. Av speed 12.3kph.
Followed with core workout.

Tuesday 7th February
Swim technique session
W/U 300m FC 100m KB 200m PB
Drills 4x50m single arm / 200m negative split / 4x50m finger trail / 200m negative split / 4x50m fists / 200m negative split
W/D 200m FC easy

Wednesday 8th February
V. nervous about going out and slipping and aggravating problems, particularly conscious of how much tighter muscles feel when they’re cold compared to warm. Opted for gym treadmill run, followed by bit of core work. 5mins 11.5kph 5mins 12kph 10mins 13.5kph 3mins 10kph 10mins 13.5kph 7mins 12kph.

Thursday 9th February
Off road MTB ride – mix of rough hard ice/snow, clear hard paths and slippy, slushy ice on tarmac – challenging, hard work, fun!
Time 1:28 Dist. 18.47m Av. 12.5mph Mx 21.8mph

Friday 10th February
Swim session
W/U 200m FC 100m KB 200m PB 100m FC
Main 4x(50m FC 50m KB) 3x(200m PB 100m KB)
W/D 2x(50m BK 50m BR)

Monday 13th February
Gym session with Julie
Treadmill run 6k 2.5k@12kph then increasing by 0.5kph every 0.5k to 15kph with final 0.5k@12.5kph Av. 12.8kph
Gym bike for 50mins – couldn’t complete prog. at planned levels… 10mins L7 C90 (done) then 15mins L10 C90 – couldn’t keep it going at that level, had to give up after 10mins, recovery @L7 for 5mins then tried some more @L9 instead – didn’t last 10mins this time. 5mins recovery. Another go at L9 for around 6mins then opted to just spin out and recover @L7. Sweated buckets, felt sick. Julie said I got v.pale. Disappointed

Tuesday 14th February
MTB bike commute to Turvey and back via Bromham/Oakley/Pavenham/ Carlton. Strong NW breeze – into it on way out, following on return.
Out 12.88m Time 50mins Av. 15.5mph Total time 1:36 Dist. 25.78m Av.16.2mph

Wednesday 15th February
Road bike with friend – Renhold – Ravensden – Thurleigh – Sharnbrook – Odell – Harrold – Carlton – Turvey – Newton Blossomville – Astwood – Cranfield – Kempston – Home. Strong WNW breeze Av. to Harrold 15.5mph, to Astwood 16.5mph, to home 17.4mph. Time 2:03 Dist.35.74m

Thursday 16th February
Very busy pool disrupting planned swim session. Had an easy swim for around 45mins

Friday 17th February
Steady run on route 51 towards Willington and back. Dist. 15.7k Time 1:19:46 Av. 11.8kph

Saturday 18th February
Good swim session – didn’t record all details, but included a Zone3 timed 400m after around 1000m of W/U and drills. Well pleased with a time of 7:17 without pushing hard

Monday 20th February
So today… legs aching as I type. My first outdoor brick session of the year. Strong SW breeze. Bike on Bedford Classic course (though starting and finishing from home) Av. speed to Shefford 18.2mph, to Caldecote 19.7mph, to Cardington Rd 19.2mph, to home 18.8mph Dist. 26.34m Time 1:24:00 Transition 1:58 Run 3k 15.38 Av 11.5kph (R hamstring tight – opted not to stretch out stride but just to go for high cadence short strides)

So, 3 weeks to go… what will happen in next few weeks??
Will keep working in ways I know to help with knee and core strength, doing general training and hope that the physio comes through too!


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