Posted by: lepages | January 1, 2014

Wind, rain and running!

Wind, rain and running!

So, I’ve started my running for 2014… and what a day for it! Hadn’t run for a few weeks till this last weekend, courtesy of a bit of a groin and hip strain, followed by a nasty bug that wiped me out Christmas Eve… Did a couple of short 5k ish tempo runs over the weekend – Saturday 3.4miles in 28:14 pace 08:18/mile – Monday, same route in reverse 27:13 pace 07:59

Both days reasonable conditions, breezy, dry, Saturday overcast, Monday sunny.

Thought I’d start the year well with a slightly longer run…. but oh the weather…. so windy – 40 – 60 mph gusts… and it was wet too… with rain falling at various levels.

Staying with my parents on top of the beautiful island of Guernsey (Home, I was born and grew up here! 🙂 ) So I thought I’d head down to Vazon bay, along the coast for a short way and then back up by the reservoir – easy run…

Dropped off a couple of birthday cards en route – lovely running mainly downhill with a following wind for the first 2 miles…. and then out onto the coast turning into the wind…. interesting…. all of a sudden the rain started to sting a little… the aimed for low heart rate was going up a bit…. it didn’t stay that low going downhill to be honest… hard to go really slow going downhill with a following wind… hard to keep heart rate down running into a strong wind… and even harder when running up steep hills into the wind… heart rate jumped into the low 170’s inspite of going oh so slow uphill.

Kept pace down for the couple of miles of mainly uphill, into the wind and rain home.

Arrived home soaking wet, but having had a fabulous time… even if my stats weren’t great!

Distance 5.65 miles Time 50:45 Av. pace 08:58 Av. HR 159


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