Posted by: lepages | January 2, 2014


Well, who would have thought it, pastor of a church, and yet I still struggle spending dedicated time with God, reading scripture and in prayer….

Pressures through the Autumn period meant that my normal schedule was somewhat disrupted. Early in December I decided I was going to get back on track… but how??!! I receive lots of prayer news letters/magazines. They provide fuel for the fire (spiritually that is – I am talking metaphorically! I don’t chuck them on a fire!!) I look up every scripture referred to and pray into it, both for the situation mentioned and any other way the Holy Spirit leads me. I also received the Hope 2014 prayer guide which was a great stimulus – and I’ve shared some of the things from it via social media at times – see the link to join in 

But, the problem was I felt a need for some consistency….

I was delighted when a friend, Steve Wilson, whom I had the privilege of spending time with in the early days of his spiritual life, shared a Twitter/Facebook post about reading though the New Testament over a 3 month period. So I thought, that’s it! I’m in!

It’s a chronological reading plan, and I’m using this one 

The intention is to do a short tweet in response to the reading each day (may not always happen!! Realities of life) And I may put some more reflections on here.

Anyway, my first two tweets were as follows:-

  • Miracles – miracles of birth, miracles of life, miracle of God amongst us #90dayNT Luke 1; John 1:1-14


  • Everyone’s important – Matt 1 Lk 2:1-38 #genealogy #census #goodnews #spreadtheword – for all people, old, young, all nations #90dayNT
    Have a feeling there’s quite a bit I’d like to natter about from what I was stirred with as I spent time reading, reflecting, praying… but this blog is long enough… so I’ll sign off here!

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