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Been mulling over this for a few weeks, and thinking I ought to write something.

(Sorry – this isn’t a competition – it’s my random thoughts about competition!)

Has been brought to a focus recently when it was suggested that we might like to organise a team Bible quiz and have our church small groups (we call them ‘cells’ – they’re not independent groups, but all part of the whole body of the church and working together) compete against each other. There was strong reaction from one person indicating that they didn’t think it was helpful to have competition – have heard this said in some quarters in an education setting in the past. BUT, I have to admit, I love competition! I love to compete!

Competition for me is a regular part of my life! Very regular!

As a triathlete I love to compete in triathlon – and I’ll give duathlons a go too… and the odd run…. and a few bike time trials… and I love to train… because it prepares me to compete… as well as helping with my mental health! One of my big struggles in training has been learning to train at levels which aren’t always competing with each other!!

I’m never going to be a winner at triathlon – pretty much always tend to come between the 50 & 33% mark in events I enter – and I don’t mind that. I don’t get disappointed or frustrated that I don’t win. I just love to compete. I love to be able to try and do better than I’ve done before. Loved the time when I just broke 2h30mins for an Olympic Standard distance triathlon (1500m swim/40k bike/10k run). Loved last year aiming to go under 6hours for my first Middle Distance triathlon (1.9k swim/90k bike/21k run) so was well chuffed when I clocked 5:42. Entering my second in September, I was hoping to break 5:30 – was absolutely stoked when I smashed it and completed in under 5:20. When I enter the repeat of last May’s first event, I shall be competing to get under 5:30. 

But I love to compete constantly! And so I love to play card games, board games – and I do win at some of them – not so often at others! We have a craft and games afternoon at church every other Wednesday – and carpet bowls on the alternate ones – love to go and join in with both. The carpet bowls is played in fun – but there’s a delight when you get a good run. I love to play Scrabble… even if I usually lose to the Senior ladies who usually beat me thoroughly!

And then… courtesy of social media, and Facebook in particular, there’s a wealth of competition to enter into. A particular favourite is Bejeweled Blitz – I don’t often hold top of leader board, but I had a great start to the week of competition yesterday, and scored for me, a cracking score. Couldn’t resist posting a picture about it on Facebook, having a good score for the week before anyone else had even had a go since the scoreboards were reset.


Interesting, tongue in cheek comment came from a fellow minister:-

“Now remind me… what does the good book say about the proud and the humble… “
So I suppose it raises the question, is my blogging a lot of boasting – particularly this posting!!??
Well, I hope not.
Competition is to me about facing the challenge to be the best we can be in every sphere of life.
To be honest about our failings, where we don’t measure up, where we can improve, to rejoice in the achievements of others (like the humbling reality of sitting after my first Middle Distance triathlon close to the guy who won in under 4:30 and who maintained an average speed of over 25mph on the bike…. How can you do that??!!)
God has made me me! He created me to be me! He created me to use all the gifts and abilities he has put in me to the best of my ability. Not so that I can boast, but so that I can find delight in being whom I was created to be, and in using those gifts and abilities to be a blessing to others.
So competition????
I think it brings the best out of me in every sphere of life. It encourages me to strive to be the best I can be at whatever I do – whether it’s something competitive or not.
So, I had a good swim training session at lunchtime today…. fast interval sessions… but having done 4x100m with rest intervals of 30secs in times of 1:45- 1:50 going really hard, I realised that this was slower than my 400m PB set last year at under 7mins…. so I’ve got some work to do to build my endurance back up…. how long is it to my first competitive event to focus me….???!!! 😉



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