Posted by: lepages | March 3, 2014

Rest… the best way to train for multisport??….

So, I’m getting ready for my first event of the year, the Dambuster Duathlon



and preparing for doing a couple of Middle Distance triathlons through the year, along with a few shorter ones too…. only problem is… as my run form was improving in the Autumn after finally feeling like I was getting somewhere following long term struggle to regain form after an accident 18 months earlier… I seemed to go down with every bug in sight…. and then I foolishly ran off road in my road shoes and gave myself a groin strain, slipping in some slidy mud… just recovering from that and I got another bug….

Finally, between Christmas & New Year I was starting to feel better and got a few easyish runs in whilst on holiday at my parents in the beautiful island of Guernsey.


Thought we were going well, could begin to up the pace and build positively for the season ahead. For my training, I was following a training plan from Triathlon Plus magazine


Determined to up my running pace, I worked hard on interval sessions on a treadmill at the gym. It was going well… and then towards the end of a hard session, as I got to the end of a hard interval I felt a twinge that I hadn’t felt before… I thought at the top of my hamstring… the interval finished and I was in a slow recovery period and went for the final interval when….. ouch!! Had to hit stop…. knew I had a serious problem….

Asked advice from mates on Facebook, and several recommended Ken Parsons. His help and advice was superb – if a little uncomfortable at times!! 😉

No running for me for a while, no cycling for a bit… just swimming… and no kicking to start with… feared my season was going to be wrecked again…. 😦

But the swimming was going well… and adding in some coaching from Steve James and my stroke has improved further with new PB’s of 1:35 over 100m 3:20 over 200m, and surprisingly finding myself able to swim repeated 100’s at around 1:40ish.

Treatment of torn hamstring (quickly diagnosed by large bruise on back of leg… which went on to gradually drop down round the knee with the aid of gravity!) helped tremendously. After a few weeks I was able to do a short slow jog, then a short slow jog with a bit of a run in the middle for 5 mins… and then gradually building from there. Last week I got up to 9k, including 10 mins easy jog at start and finish. Inbetween, I discovered I could run just under 8 minute mileing quite comfortably, albeit probably effort level 3 – 4 rather than 2 – 3. Biking seemed to be going okay too for the time of year and weather conditions.

Last Saturday after a reasonably easy nearly 50 miles on the bike, I ran straight off for 3k at sub 8 min mile pace and felt good. Today, I decided to do a 25 mile bike and run off again. Pleased to have averaged 20mph for the 25 miles, though dropped off to 19.6mph by the time I got home coming through town traffic, straight into run at just slightly faster pace than Saturday (though admittedly, I only did just over 2k as I found the river path was under water again as the river had burst it’s banks over night….)

So, going to try and get a longer run of 10k, or just over, in tomorrow (time permitting!), perhaps a bit of turbo Wed and then maybe a swim Thurs… then rest Friday…. and we’ll see what Saturday brings!


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