Posted by: lepages | April 29, 2016


Well, I guess this isn’t really a resurrection, more a resuscitation or wakeup – this blog has been asleep for a long time – over 2 years in fact! It started 7 years ago with my last sabbatical. 7 years on, I have another sabbatical about to start and felt that I wanted to start it again so I can record some of what’s going on for me!

The blog is not the only thing being resurrected/resuscitated/woken up! somewhere over the last 7 years I have got out of the habit of journaling as much – occasionally I might scribble a note of something, or note some things down, but actually journaling as such had ceased. Last Sunday the congregation at Three Rivers Church West (the new name for Rutland Road Church after we joined together with Three Rivers Church, at the start of this year to become one church with two congregations) gathered round me and my wife Julie to pray over us and commission us for this period of sabbatical. They presented Julie with a lovely bouquet of yellow roses, and me with a notebook (because I love making notes – which is true!)

2016-04-29 13.58.35

I had already been thinking of journaling my experiences during my sabbatical, so as I began to approach it I couldn’t resist getting started again. It’s such a good thing to do! This week I have been journaling my mixed emotions at the approach of my sabbatical – the eagerness for it to arrive, combined with the desperate desire that it wasn’t now, at this time of change for us as a church!

The reality is I desperately need it! Early in the week my tiredness really showed and I was encouraged to begin preparing myself for the sabbatical by winding down so that come next week I don’t crash after a sudden stop.

It’s been good doing that – and difficult! Things that I love to do, (corporate prayer predominantly) I have stepped away from to stop my continual looking forward with anticipation for what God is going to do next. (That sounds awful saying that…. but I know that as I pray I expect to see God act and am always eager to know what he’s been doing…. and if I’m going to switch off…)

There’s also been the explaining to a number of folk I support outside of the church that I’m not going to be around for the next 3 months… and attempting to put them in touch with others who can support them.

Looking forwards, I’m going to start blogging again on all fronts, because I am convinced that Jesus came that we might have life to the full, and that he has given us all things richly to enjoy. So expect, as well as my spiritual reflections, to hear about my feeble sporting attempts (training been at a minimum over past 6 months or so, with no running since before Christmas), Bedford Blues in the play offs for the Championship, and our birds and any trips away!


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