Posted by: lepages | April 30, 2016

A rare Saturday!

– not that Saturday’s are rare, but how I spent this one has been!!

Normally, I’m setting the alarm for 6am, and up and out quickly to swim either with Bedford Traktors at Trinity or in the last few weeks to get in a couple of laps of Box End cable lake, before quick turn around for prayer time at church at 8.15am.

Now I love all of those things! I love the swimming! And I love the praying with others, seeking after God, but this morning I didn’t have to get up… and I didn’t have to rush out! It felt so strange to wake up naturally just before 6.30am (alright I was awake earlier about 1/4 to 5 courtesy of some squalling cats, but thankfully I got back to sleep – that’s rare!!) and have time just to spend with God on my own. Had a good hour reading and praying – wonderful! Some of my highlights:

moved by Philippians 2:13 ‘for it is God who works in you to will and act in order to fulfil his good purpose’ – moved by the fact it’s what God does in us and wrote in my journal so glad #itsallaboutyouJesus

and then I came to Isaiah 41:10 ‘so do not fear, for I am with you (needed that when I came to a very nippy swim race later!! 😉 ); do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’

In response I found myself praying like this: Thank you Lord for the assurance at this time that you are with me, thank you that my security is in you and so I don’t need to be dismayed, I just need to trust you, knowing that you are my God and you are with me; thank you for the sense of your presence right now, I am in awe of you – thank you that you shine the light of your glorious presence upon my life – even as the beauty of the glorious sunshine shines it’s light out on this new day. Thank you for your promise that through this sabbatical time you will strengthen me and you will help me. Thank you Lord for the knowledge that you will continue to uphold me and make me strong in you. #itsallaboutyouJesussunshine morning

Along the way, I also listened to this song, Just be held, by CastingCrowns

Then it was up, breakfast, feed birds and cat and down to BoxEnd for the first of the GaleForce Mass start swims of the year. Total respect for those who did the 3.8k with the red hats, and thanks for the pics on Facebook Russell Hanford. Box End mass start Russell Hanford

I’ve got a green hat as I was just going for the 1500m – I’m in this pic somewhere!! 😉Box End mass start swim 2016-04-30

It was cold, the water temperature having dropped a couple of degrees to 11 . something over the last week or so. Felt pretty good once adjusted in the first few minutes of ‘warm-up’ (sic) and felt went pretty well on first lap. Half way round the second my feet started to feel numb.. and by the time I came to the long straight for home I was starting to lose my form. By the second lap I was in my own, with nearest person some way ahead, so no-one to draft off or to pace… and that long straight seemed to go on forever…. Eventually climbed out across the timing mat with a time of 29:16 – around 2 minutes slower than what I was hoping for, and 4 minutes off my best sort of times…. still came 13th out of 24 doing the distance… results showed how alone I was for a good part of the swim… around 90 secs behind the person in front and around 90 secs ahead of the person behind!

Great to hang around after, not having to rush away with thought of preparation work to do/finish off. Enjoyed a nice hot coffee and breakfast roll after a hot shower, and gradually warmed up. Great to chat with folks. Hearing of other’s plans for the year, made me want to try running again, having not done so since before Christmas! Been suffering with a plantar fascitis type problem (though my symptoms have been the opposite to most people’s – feeling okay first thing in the morning but then getting worse as the day goes on, depending how much I’m on my feet.) Still, visits to doctor, podiatrist, exercises, fitting of orthotics and use of an oscillating massager and finally in last week or so I’ve not been suffering pain! Hasn’t felt 100%, but at least not painful!

So out for my first little run.Strava run 2016-04-30

Long way to go to get run fitness back, but ran without pain and #sofarsogood seems okay!

Happy man! Just an enjoy your sabbatical meal out to go this evening with friends from our small group at church. 🙂


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